Kaleo Kalamakuikeao (nonasianxian) wrote in hawaiidrama,
Kaleo Kalamakuikeao

We're assholes

Gay people... gay people are EVIL. Right down to their cold evil little black hearts; which pump not blood like yours and mine, but rather a thick black vomitous oil, which clogs in their pea sized brains. That is the cause of their violent nazi-esque patterns of behavior. So you see, that is why we should eliminate them all from the face of our pious little chain of islands.

Sounds pretty f-ing stupid if you ask me. Why not eliminate all people who have more than 1% body fat and don't wear Prada? Maybe everyone who eats rice is the real threat to the safety and sanctity of the American Way. Because after all, don't REAL Americans only eat white bread?

Stupid shit for stupid closed minds. Eat me...
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