Kaleo Kalamakuikeao (nonasianxian) wrote in hawaiidrama,
Kaleo Kalamakuikeao

We're assholes

Gay people... gay people are EVIL. Right down to their cold evil little black hearts; which pump not blood like yours and mine, but rather a thick black vomitous oil, which clogs in their pea sized brains. That is the cause of their violent nazi-esque patterns of behavior. So you see, that is why we should eliminate them all from the face of our pious little chain of islands.

Sounds pretty f-ing stupid if you ask me. Why not eliminate all people who have more than 1% body fat and don't wear Prada? Maybe everyone who eats rice is the real threat to the safety and sanctity of the American Way. Because after all, don't REAL Americans only eat white bread?

Stupid shit for stupid closed minds. Eat me...
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take me now, fuck me later, and sing it to the tune of FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT.


August 31 2003, 15:26:10 UTC 13 years ago


you are teh close mind person here. homosexuals is not good for societies moral.

from far away, yours truly,
and i suppose heterosexual priests that molest little boys in their free time while preaching to people that homosexuality is a sin and telling other people how to behave is good for society?

the only people who are truly bad for societies moral are: violent criminals, sexual offenders, narrow-minded bigots, and people who can't go .5 seconds without getting all up in someone else's business when it DOESN'T EVEN MATTER! let others live their lives and you live yours. don't pay attention to what bothers you and it won't bother you anymore. i hate stupid, incompetent morons, but i spent all my time focusing on them, i wouldn't get very far in life because the world is full of people that are a complete waste of resources and don't contribute anything to society.


What the fuck is really freaking AMERICAN, anyway? Even better, what really is moral?
Countless historians have discovered that many ancient peoples have been homosexuals & lesbians. And isn't history what our society supposed to be based on?
And IF ,IF homosexuality and lesbianism is so wrong because it doesn't further the family values system and the human race for that-fucking-matter, why is polygamy outlawed?